Designed by : Roger Tavares

TAVA's Workshop

TAVA has all the necessary equipment and personnel to restore your car to its original condition. Our workshop is technologically advanced to repair all types and brands of vehicles.

TAVA employs 35 people in specialized sectors, which include; panelbeating, flatting, spraypainting, polishing and assembling. We have 3 qualified panelbeaters with apprentices, and 1 qualified spraypainter and colour mixer with apprentice. Our staff is highly committed and loyal to TAVA Panelbeaters, and subsequently to the customer. This is ensured by on-going training in order to increase professional development in TAVA's workforce .

We also have highly trained and capable personnel, who possess all the necessary skills to conduct effective customer support/ service and to perfect administrative operations. The management team
comprises of two personnel, responsible for purchasing of parts and quoting.

As far as equipment is concerned TAVA is equipped with:
   A modernized SAICO spraybooth
   The latest in waterbased paint systems from GLAZURIT
   3 korek machines
   CELETTE straightening jig
   CHIEF work bench
   State of the art paint mixing lab
   VECTOR electronic measuring system
   3 dry flat bays with extractor fans
   Washing and polishing facilities
   14 000 amp multi-functional spot welder

We also offer the following services:
   On site quoting
   Lifetime warranty on paintwork
   2 year guarantee on workmanship

TAVA has a 24 hour security guard plus an alarm system
activated through ADT giving you peace of mind that your property is safe.